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    One, Two, Three Strikes and Snow Mould is Out

    September 21, 2016

    Like the 162-game baseball season, winters can be a grind - and preparing your golf course for the tough Canadian winter is hard work. Following some simple and proven ground rules can help you get the most out of your fungicide program, and more importantly, give you the much needed peace of mind during those “extra innings” of winter.

    Batting Clean-Up (September and Early October)

    Diseases like dollar spot and anthracnose are typically considered the “boys of summer” but can easily linger into the late fall months. Damage incurred by these pathogens can result in weakened, susceptible turf heading into winter if left unchecked.  Cleaning up residual disease issues, and holding off additional infection is important and best accomplished by employing 1 or 2 well-timed applications in mid-September/early October when temps begin to cool down.  Sterol inhibitor (DMI) fungicides like Triton Stressgard help limit disease that’s already in the plant as well as protect new growth, while local penetrants and contact fungicides like Interface Stressgard and chlorothalonil help provide a fast knockdown of any lingering fungal pathogens later in the season.

    The Set-up Man (Mr. October)

    When nighttime temps cool down substantially, and the smell of Microdochium (Fusarium) patch is in the air, the best player to call up from the bullpen is a product containing a strobilurin (QoI) fungicide like Interface Stressgard or Compass 50 WG. These fungicides have excellent efficacy on the pink snow mould pathogen, and can be used to effectively “knock down” inoculum prior to snowfall. Recent research from Michigan State University showed that when a primer application of a QoI fungicide was applied 15-20 days before the final snow mould application, disease control was significantly better and more consistent throughout the winter. Similarly, the importance of this “pre-game” application was showcased by splitting a 3-way product such as Trilogy into two ½ rate applications (½ rate app mid-Oct and ½ rate in early-Nov), which also resulted in more consistent disease control than one application of the 3-way product at the high labeled rate (see below). 

    The Closer

    Bottom of the 9th, 2 outs, bases loaded. Just before the snow flies, you’ll have to bring in your “heavy hitter” to ensure protection through the winter. Research has shown that multiple active ingredients (3 or 4) consistently outperform single and two-way combinations for snow mould control. Bayer innovation has proven the 3-way fungicide mix Trilogy Stressgard with Stressgard Formulation Technology delivers superior turf quality and industry leading disease control for the ultimate peace of mind.

     So don’t let your turf go foul this winter – remember your key players and get the most out of your team with a sound strategy and well-executed game plan. 

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