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  • Jun21Tue

    Less Really Can Mean More…

    June 21, 2016
    Every day you are forced to make important decisions that will ultimately
    affect the health of your turf, the quality of your golf course, and perhaps,
    the perception of you as a professional. Golf course superintendents are
    many things – agronomists, managers, mentors, and most importantly,
    stewards of the land they so passionately maintain.

    The Regulatory Reality

    Although our industry has taken an impressive lead in educating turf
    managers and advocating environmental responsibility; legislation at the
    local, provincial, and federal level continues to influence the products we
    have available to manage turfgrass pests and plant health. As public
    perception and misinformation on pesticides often dictate legislative
    decisions, we must remain diligent with our IPM tactics, be thorough with
    our reporting, and cognizant of ways to reduce our overall environmental
    impact in order to defend our freedom to operate.

    Trilogy to The Rescue

    TrilogyTM SC is a unique 3-way mode of action that was developed
    specifically for the Canadian turf industry to combat the wicked winter
    diseases we see in the North. Over the past 2 years, more diseases were
    added to the Trilogy label as several years of University research showed
    outstanding results on summer disease trials. Three active ingredients
    with broad-spectrum disease control plus Bayer’s StressGardTM
    Formulation Technology equals peace of mind for Canadian turf
    managers. But the impressive stats don’t stop there…

    Trilogy’s flexible label offers class-leading disease control from 65 mL to
    177 mL – but here’s the kicker, compared to other popular 2 and 3-way
    mixtures, Trilogy allows for a reduction in total active ingredient use of up
    to 77%. Another way to look at this is to use the handy EIQ calculator
    developed at Cornell University ( For example, at
    the highly effective summer rate of 65 mL, Trilogy provides a whopping
    86% reduction in EIQ compared to the widely used fungicide combo of
    propiconazole + chlorothalonil.

    Our Work is Never Done

    Bayer recognizes the pressure put on superintendents to reduce their
    environmental footprint, and while Trilogy continues to impress on
    golf courses throughout Canada, we remain dedicated to developing
    effective, sustainable innovation that makes both you and your turf look good.