Talking Turf

  • Good products have staying power. This holds true for a fungicide like
    iprodione that is going on 37 years in the Canadian turf industry – because
    it works!

    In the early years, Rovral® WP made its debut as a new ‘contact acting’
    fungicide that targeted many foliar diseases including dollar spot,
    Fusarium, and brown patch. Several years later, a new and improved
    version known as Rovral Green® was launched in Canada which allowed
    for easier application as a liquid formulation. In 2003, the evolution
    continued with Rovral Green® GT, an even more improved formulation for
    greater disease knockdown activity. Although iprodione has continually
    been enhanced over the years, only now has this “good” fungicide become
    great – Introducing Interface STRESSGARD.

    Broader Spectrum, Better Control

    Interface STRESSGARDTM combines the contact acting disease control
    of iprodione with the mesostemic spectrum activity of trifloxystrobin.
    This combination not only controls a broader spectrum of diseases;
    it consistently provides greater longevity of control than a stand-alone
    iprodione fungicide, often times using less overall active ingredient.

    The flexible label of Interface STRESSGARD (95 – 160 mL) allows
    superintendents to choose application rates based on environmental
    conditions, disease prevalence, and desired length of control. This flexibility
    is important when designing programs for different areas of the golf course
    like greens, tees, and fairways, which allows for a more integrated pest
    management approach.

    The StressgardTM Advantage

    Of course, the addition of trifloxystrobin accounts for added disease
    control, but the real point of differentiation in Interface is the incorporation
    of Bayer’s turf specific co-formulants, collectively known as StressgardTM
    Formulation Technology (SFT). Decades worth of research have gone
    into optimizing Bayer’s active ingredients with SFT – everything from
    summer stress mitigation, selective UV radiation management, improved
    photosynthesis, turf quality, and expedited spring green-up after winter.
    Interface STRESSGARD should serve as the cornerstone of any fungicide
    program - spring, summer, or fall.

    Now that’s intelligent design!