Bee Care


Bee health is a complex issue that’s impacted by many factors. Understanding what is affecting bee health ensures they can continue their important role in the food chain. Most scientists agree that bee health issues are being impacted by a variety of factors including pests and parasites, microbial diseases, inadequate diet, habitat loss, bee management practices, adverse weather, pesticides and the loss of genetic diversity. As part of our ongoing commitment to innovative, sustainable agriculture, Bayer CropScience Canada understands the critical role that bees play in our food security. In fact, we've been working hard to protect bees for more than 25 years.

Bees play a vital role in Canadian agriculture and are an important part of our work. Bayer CropScience is actually one of Canada's largest users of managed honey bee colonies as they pollinate our hybrid canola seed production. And we've maintained those healthy bee colonies ever since we first started producing hybrid canola almost two decades ago.

In North America, we work closely with our colleagues in the U.S. to support the global Bayer Bee Care Program, with a focus on research, stakeholder engagement and product stewardship – all in support of understanding and improving bee health.

We are also working with industry partners, such as CropLife and Canadian farmers to encourage product stewardship and best management practices.

Bee health is a complex issue that’s impacted by many factors. Download our Bee Health Fact Sheet for more details on how critical bees are to modern agriculture.

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