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Fall & Winter Program

Trilogy SC

TRILOGY SC with StressGard formulation technology combines winter long triple protection against Snow Moulds and improves turf quality. TRILOGY SC fits IPM programs by offering a substantial reduction in the total amount of active ingredients applied. in addition flexible rates allow for cost effective control on all areas of the golf course.

Chipco Triton SC

Chipco TRITON SC offers excellent disease control against anthracnose, dollar spot, brown patch, pink and grey snow mould while providing unprecedented turf quality and unbeatable protection against the stress your turf faces.

Compass 50WG

COMPASS 50WG has everything you need in a strobilurin fungicide: excellent disease control, borad spectrum activity and low use rates. With its revolutionary mesostemic mode of action, COMPASS binds tightly to turf and nearby turf plants for up to 21 days. COMPASS is strong enough for you greens and economical enough for your fairways.

Rovral Green GT

Excellent control of a broad range of fall diseases including Dollar Spot, Fusarium Patch, Pink Snow Mould, Grey Snow Mould. The locally systemic activity provides both preventative and curative activity against target diseases.

Aliette Signature

Aliette SIGNATURE is the new and improved formulation of Fosetyl-Al turf fungicide designed to protect against tough turf diseases and improve turf quality. Registered for pythium and anthracnose diseases, Aliette SIGNATURE enhances the plants defense mechanisms and vigour resulting in unsurpassed turf quality and playability.

Start now to ensure a quick green up this spring and reduce your summertime disease pressure.

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