2019 Rebate Program

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Bayer understands your top priority is protecting your turf all year round. With Bayer’s Rebate Program, we can not only help protect your turf in spring, summer fall and winter, but also your budget.

Through this program, Bayer is able to put money back into your budget while protecting your turf all year round.

Official Rules and Regulations. 

Program Description: Subject to the terms and conditions of this Program, all Eligible Participants (as defined below) that purchase Eligible Products (as defined below) from Bayer CropScience Inc. (“Bayer”) approved Distributors and Dealers during the Promotional Period (as defined below) are eligible to receive a rebate (as described below). The a rebate will be provided to the Eligible Participants by the Bayer approved Distributor or Dealer.

Eligible Participants: Golf courses and sod farms in Canada, excluding Quebec

Eligible Product(s): Bayer’s Trilogy Stressgard (2 x 10L) and/or Interface Stressgard (2x10L)

Promotional Period: March 1, 2019 - November 15, 2019

Program Conditions: Distributors and Dealer must supply Bayer with hard copy invoices of Eligible Product purchases made by golf courses or sod farms by the dates as indicated below to be eligible for re-imbursement under this Program. To be eligible for reimbursement under the Program, the Eligible Participants must purchase Eligible Products from Bayer approved Distributors or Dealers during the Promotional Period. All sales are final. No returns shall be accepted for purchases of Eligible Products during this Program.

Program Terms:

This Program is based on product availability.

This Program begins March 1, 2019 and closes November 15, 2019.

This Program shall not be combined with any other program or product.

Bayer’s interpretation of the Program is final.

Eligible Program invoices will be administered by Bayer (if duly and satisfactorily received by Bayer by the dates noted below and all other Program terms and conditions are satisfied) in the following manner:
• Invoices received March 1, 2019 – June 1, 2019 – reimbursement will be issued by July 15, 2019
• Invoices received June 2, 2019 – Sept 1, 2019 – reimbursement will be issued by October 15, 2019
• Invoices received September 2, 2019 – November 16, 2019 – reimbursement will be issued by December 31, 2019

All invoices submitted for reimbursement must clearly reflect on the front of each invoice: 2019 Bayer Interface Stressgard and Trilogy Stressgard Program

Rebate Reimbursement 

Invoices will be sent to: Bayer CropScience Inc. 679 Southgate Drive, 2nd Floor Guelph, ON. N1G 5B2 Fax: 519-767-3865 Attn: 2019 Interface Stressgard and Trilogy Stressgard Program

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