Interface Stressgard

Flexible disease control and stress management are important for turfgrass managers. Interface Stressgard™ provides flexible, effective disease control under all conditions and mitigates plant stress. The combination of iprodione, trifloxystrobin and Stressgard™ Formulation Technology provides a solution for diseases and plant stresses under hot, cool, wet or dry conditions. As a non-DMI fungicide, Interface can be applied throughout the year without harmful plant growth regulator effects, and help control DMI-resistant plant pathogens. Interface delivers effective control of key diseases, provides plant health benefits and improves turf colour and quality.


AI Rate per 
L or KG:
Conversion to 
KG of AI:

   Product Rate:
Iprodione 256 g/L litres (used) x 0.256    95 - 160 mL/100 m2
Trifloxystrobin 16 g/L litres (used) x 0.016

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