Exteris Stressgard

A fungicide in the SDHI class of chemistry that is combined with trifloxystrobin to provide long-lasting, preventative and curative control of foliar turf diseases including dollar spot, brown patch, and leaf spot. The unique formulation delivers enhanced plant health benefits along with improved turf quality. The flexibility of Exteris Stressgard allows for applications throughout the year and under a wide variety of environmental conditions.

AI Rate per 
L or KG:
Conversion to 
KG of AI:

   Product Rate:
Fluopyram 12.5 g/L litres (used) x 0.0125    140-200 mL/100 m2
Trifloxystrobin 12.5 g/L litres (used) x 0.0125

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The right combination of products to keep diseases, weeds and pests off your turf.

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