Pythium - Foliar Blight

Pythium ultimum, Pythium aphanide rmatum and others  pythium sp


Circular reddish-brown spots ranging from 2.5 - 15cm (one to six inches). In the morning, blades appear water-soaked (grease spot), dark, and may feel slimy. Mycelium may also be present. When dry, blades shrivel and appear reddish-brown. Infected blades collapse quickly. Turf may appear streaked.

Turfgrasses Affected

All cool season turfgrass


Summer, during hot humid weather
Day temperatures exceed 30C
Night temperatures exceed 22C

Control Options

  • Improve soil drainage
  • Increase air circulation
  • Reduce heavy watering
  • Suspend nighttime watering when conditions conducive to disease
  • Keep nitrogen levels low
  • Minimize thatch build-up


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