Snow Mould - Gray

Typhula incarnata and Typhula ishikariensis


As snow melts, grayish-tan or brown patches ranging from 7.5 - 30 cm (three inches to one foot) appear. Grayish white mycelium may also be present at the advancing margin of each patch. Black or reddish sclerotia (small round bodies) can also be found on dead leaf blades.

Turfgrasses Affected

All cool season turfgrass


Occurs usually on unfrozen turf under prolonged snow cover and appears in early spring as snow melts. Ideal air temperatures range between -1° and 13°C.

Control Options

• Minimize thatch buildup
• Ensure proper drainage
• Increase sun exposure on infected areas
• Increase air circulation
• Avoid succulent growth in the fall by applying nitrogen no later than 6 weeks before dormancy
• Prevent heavy snow accumulation
• Try to avoid applying nitrogen no later than 6 weeks before dormancy

Snow Mould Solutions sheet


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