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  • Bayer Environmental Science Canada is pleased to announce the introduction of our latest innovation in grub control management. New Merit Granular is an evolution of our previous best selling product Merit 0.5 G. Repackaged and redesigned with a new Gypsum based carrier, Merit Granular will offer all the benefits of our previous product, but with the addition of a more consistent particle size designed for easier application and deeper penetration of turf canopies.

    Bayer Environmental Science is committed to continuous improvement in in our grub control and lawn care products and this launch is simply the latest in a long line of innovations.  Colin White, Canadian Marketing Manager for Bayer Golf and Lawn Care products notes” Bayer is excited to unveil this new innovative formulation change for Merit Granular.  Merit has long been one of the top grub control products available in Canada and this new gypsum based carrier formulation offers a number of improvements like enhanced uniformity and less dust during application." 

    Along with the new formulation the packaging for Merit Granular has been updated. The new poly bags allow for easier handling and storage.

    For more information on Bayer’s Golf Course and Lawn Care products please consult For a copy of the approved Merit Granular Label/ Fact Sheet/ MSDS label visit:

News Updates