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  • Bayer is proud to announce the new label expansion of Kontos Insecticide. Bayer with its long history of innovation continues to provide Greenhouse growers with solutions to address key pest problems.  The new label expansion for Kontos includes the control of whitefly (including Bemesia spp), western flower thrips, green peach aphid, citrus mealybug, euonymus scale and spider mites in outdoor and greenhouse grown ornamentals (except conifers).

    Kontos is a relatively new systemic insecticide that was previously registered for control of aphids and whitefly on greenhouse vegetables crops including: tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and eggplants.

    “Kontos is the only insecticide that is both xylem and phloem mobile, meaning the active ingredient moves upward and downward in treated plants” according to Darcy Olds, Bayer’s Marketing Manager for Greenhouse and Nursery products. “This unique movement allows for complete protection of the plant including new growth” Olds adds.

    The product can be applied as a foliar spray or a drench in ornamentals, and is effective against difficult to control pests due to its fully systemic activity.

    Spirotetramat, the active ingredient in Kontos is a member of the tetramic acid class (Mode of Action Group #23). It is a lipid biosynthesis inhibitor and is active primarily through ingestion by the target insects.

    Kontos is a unique product and is an effective rotational tool that can be included in a program with Intercept 60 WP. It works best when applied early as a preventative treatment, as it can take 3-7 days to control some pests.

    The product is labeled for up to two applications per crop cycle on ornamentals (with the exception of cut flowers which are only labelled for one) and is soft on many beneficial insects and mites.

    Bayer continues to bring innovation to Canadian greenhouse and outdoor ornamental market through products like Rhapsody, Florel, Previcur, Compass, Aliette Ornamental and Forbid.

    For a copy of the approved Kontos label along with a Fact Sheet and MSDS, please visit

News Updates