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  • Apr10Wed

    Kontos Insecticide - Label Expansion

    April 10, 2013
    Kontos is a relatively new systemic insecticide. First registered in 2010, for control of aphids in greenhouse grown lettuce, additional greenhouse uses have now been added as a result of minor use label expansion.

    “Kontos is the only insecticide that is both xylem and phloem active, meaning the active ingredient moves upward and downward in treated plants” according to Darcy Olds, Bayer’s Marketing Manager for Greenhouse and Nursery products.

    Kontos is applied as a foliar spray and works effectively to control difficult to control pests due to its’ high level of systemic activity.
    Kontos, with active ingredient spirotetramat, is a member of the tetramic acid class (Mode of Action Group #23), Kontos is a lipid biosynthesis inhibitor and is active primarily through ingestion.

    Kontos is a unique product that provides an effective rotational tool that can be included in a program with Intercept 60 WP for whitefly and aphid control.

    Kontos is labeled for up to 3 applications per crop cycle and is soft on many beneficial insects and mites.

    Kontos is a suspension concentrate (SC) formulation and is packaged in 1 L bottles. Product is scheduled for production in late April and will be available in May 2013.

    For a Kontos label, technical bulleting and MSDS, please visit

News Updates