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  • Bayer Environmental Science Canada is pleased to announce the expansion of its distribution agreement with Plant Products to now include a full offering of Bayer’s plant health products in the Quebec golf market. This new Agency agreement will include Bayer’s industry leading fungicides; Interface™ Stressgard®, Exteris™ Stressgard®, Mirage™ Stressgard®, Signature Stressgard®, Compass® 50WG, Banol®, and Trilogy™ Stressgard®

    “Working with Plant Products gives us a strong and committed partner in order to promote and deliver best in class turf solutions to the Quebec marketplace,” says Brian Rosenberg, Commercial Operations Manager with Bayer Environmental Science Canada. “Both companies are committed to supporting the turf industry in Quebec.”

    “Through this partnership Bayer and Plant Products are searching for ways to help our customers” said Michael Sturrock, Sales Manager Plant Products Quebec. “We believe that our customers will be well served by Bayer’s commitment to the industry through leading technology, a commitment to add value, and innovative new technology.”

    Bayer in Quebec
    • 2 Full Time French Language Employees based in Quebec that service the golf course industry
    • 3 New Turf Fungicides launched in Quebec since 2015
    • Nearly 1,000 head to head, replicated product comparisons conducted by Bayer in QC since 2014.

    Plant Products in Quebec

    Plant Products is focused on supplying technical growing aids to the specialty horticulture industry in Quebec. The company is fixated on helping customers use fertilizer, pest control products and grass seed together to achieve optimal results for it’s customers.
    • 28 Years – Since Plant Products opened in Laval Quebec
    • 20 employees – Living and working in the province of Quebec.
    • 4 Delivery Vehicles – Owned and operated by Plant Products.
    • 1 Self Unloader- Purchased in 2016 to properly serve turf customers
    • French Language – Plant Products invests a significant amount of time translating technical material from our vendors around the world for the Quebec Industry

    For more information contact:

    Brian Rosenberg
    Commercial Operations Manager
    Bayer Environmental Science
    (519) 767-3875

    Michael Sturrock
    Turf Sales Manager – Quebec
    Plant Products Inc.
    (800) 361-9184

News Updates