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  • Mar14Mon

    2016 Bayer Market News Update

    March 14, 2016


    Bayer is excited to launch Interface STRESSGARD™ fungicide in Atlantic Canada in 2016. Interface STRESSGARD provides flexible, effective disease control under all conditions and mitigates plant stress. The combination of iprodione, trifloxystrobin, and Stressgard Formulation Technology provides a solution for diseases and plant stresses under hot, cool, wet or dry conditions. As a non-DMI fungicide, Interface can be applied throughout the year without harmful plant growth regulator effects, and helps control DMI-resistant plant pathogens. Interface delivers effective control of key diseases, while providing plant health benefits that improve turf colour and quality.

    Customer Service

    Bayer is expanding its distribution network in Atlantic Canada. As of February 22, 2016 Nova Turf has been appointed an Agent for Bayer and will carry the complete line up of Bayer turf products. With Nova Turf and Halifax Seed Company supporting the Bayer product portfolio customers will now have expanded options for their plant protection needs. For more information on agency pricing, Interface STRESSGARD, and the entire Bayer portfolio of turf products please contact your local Halifax Seed or Nova Turf sales representative.


    Starting in 2016 Bayer will be offering Golf Course Superintendents across Atlantic Canada agency pricing on its full line up of turf products. Agency will offer Superintendents simplified pricing and greater value for their Bayer plant protection products. Agency products will include the following:

    • Signature STRESSGARD
    • Trilogy STRESSGARD
    • Compass 50 WG
    • Interface STRESSGARD
    • Banol
    • Triton STRESSGARD
    • Merit GRANULAR
    • DeltaGard SC
    • Merit SOLUPAK
    • Sevin T&O

News Updates