Bayer understands your top priority is protecting your turf from fall and winter diseases. With Bayer’s Fall Program, we can not only help protect your turf, but also your budget with our fall Trilogy Stressgard off-invoice discount program. 

Through this program, Bayer is able to put money back into your budget while protecting your turf this fall and winter. 

Program period:
August 1, 2017 through to November 3, 2017 


Program: Subject to the terms and conditions on this Program, all Golf Courses and Sod Farms in Canada that purchase Eligible Products (as defined below) from Bayer approved Agents during the Promotional Period are eligible to receive an off-invoice discount (as set forth below) in accordance with this Program. The off-invoice discount will be provided to the Golf Course or Sod Farm by the approved and appointed Agent. 

Eligible Products: Bayer’s Trilogy Stressgard (2 x 10L) 

Conditions: To be eligible, Eligible Participants in the Program must purchase Eligible Products, namely: Bayer’s Trilogy Stressgard from approved agents appointed by Bayer during the Promotional Period. All sales are final. No returns shall be accepted for purchases of Eligible Products during this Program. 

Each purchase of Eligible Product(s) will conclusively determine the Program discount available for that purchase. Eligible Products purchased at various or different intervals during the Promotional Period may not be combined in any manner whatsoever for the purposes of seeking higher discounts or other benefits available under the Program. 

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